Where do you begin a story? What phrase, word, sentence, or dirty limerick will catch the erstwhile book-glancer and make him keep going?

Did I do it right?

I am certain there is a perfect formula. My English professor said so, when we spent time going over this best-selling author or that brilliant philosopher.

Will you stay: a paragraph, a page, a chapter, till the end?

I followed The Formula. I avoided cliché and outright plagiarism. I followed the advice of experts, books, neighbors, and my mother.

Did you love my story?

My mother said she liked it. Or, she said, “I’m proud of you, dear.” I’m sure that means the writing was good as well.

Was it enough to share it with others? Read again? Become a bestseller?

I’m going to be famous.

I hope.

One thought on “Bestseller

  1. The struggles of being an author. Being a writer is FUN!!! Being an author…not so much. So much pressure for us to please our readers. We (ourself) are our biggest critics. We always will be. I judge my books so much. I put them under a microscope and dissect them. I have caused myself so much stress by doing this. We need to learn to just let it go and let our writing flow. 🙂

    Here’s to you being a huge success!!! ❤

    Happy Reading & Writing,


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