Depression, Anxiety and Lethargy.

I am officially breaking my “no re-blog” rule with the ever-hilarious Katie. Only a woman who names her depression Betty and her bicycle Claude could aptly refer to dealing with depressive lethargy as “wading through treacle whilst carrying a donkey on (her) back.”

Katie’s even gone the extra mile this time and given some sound, anti-donkey advice.

How I Killed Betty!

shallow focus photography of brown and white donkey Photo by Rodrigo DelPer on

An old one and much too long, but as ever, I got a little carried away …

There are times when the exhaustion makes me feel like I’m wading through treacle whilst carrying a donkey on my back. Pretty much impossible and not much fun, unless you’re particularly strong and have a thing for treacle that is.

Exhaustion which leads to lethargy so ghastly that any simple tasks like cooking food, emptying the dishwasher (first world problem – sorry), taking out the rubbish, going to the supermarket, anything and absolutely everything is an immense effort, and how would I deal with this? Obviously I would procrastinate. Durr! (As my children so eloquently say.)

The one minor flaw in dealing with life in this way, is that there is a distinct possibility of ending up existing alone on Tesco ready meals with a house akin…

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